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About Us

Scissero brings together expert attorneys, state-of-the-art proprietary technology built by experienced technologists, and quality customer service to provide legal departments with top tier legal advice and the best possible solutions to financial and operational challenges.

We have been built from the ground up to leverage technology in everything we do, while also bolstering our staff with experienced lawyers who have worked at some of the world’s leading law firms.


The virtual paralegal for
all your transactional needs

Why Scissero?

Technology and data

Our proprietary state-of-the-art legal chatbot, known as “MIKE” (short for “My Interactive Knowledgeable E-Paralegal”)...

Domain Expertise

Our customer success teams are headed by senior lawyers with years of experience working in the world’s leading financial ...


Our pricing model ensures that you receive the same quality of legal advice you would receive from a Tier 1 law firm, while paying far less than...

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Cut your legal bills

The problem

Many businesses face a dilemma: hire a Big Law firm and pay top rates even for routine legal advice or go with an alternative legal services provider or legal tech startup and forgo the expertise, experience and/or service level they rightly expect.

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Scissero has been founded in the belief that domain knowledge, customer focus and innovative pricing models that deliver sustained cost savings are not incompatible. We achieve this by combining experienced legal professionals with a blend of near-shore support staff and state-of-the-art technology delivered via MIKE, our virtual paralegal.

Streamline your operations

The problem

The early stages of buying or selling a company, the management of portfolio companies and the process of raising capital in the public or private markets are inherently time-sensitive matters that leave little room for error.

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We understand the exigencies of high-volume transactional legal work and have built a technology-enabled, customer-centric organization that can support your business every step of the way, with the added benefit of providing measurable time savings on routine, low-value legal tasks.

Our customer-facing teams have access to Scissero GPT, our machine-learning enabled chatbot that combines the power of natural language processing with our existing suite of proprietary legal tech applications to help you (1) automate your legal documentation, (2) draft new legal documents, (3) reformat existing legal documents, (4) mark up disclosing party NDAs (5) extract key information from your documents and generate automated reports and trackers, and (6) conduct legal research.

Gain insights into the data generated by your business

The problem

Corporate transactions typically involve a multitude of stakeholder communications and high volumes of documents. As such, they generate heaps of data, much of it in unstructured format.

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MIKE, our virtual paralegal combines the power of natural language processing with our existing suite of proprietary legal tech applications to help you (1) language-review memoranda, (2) craft and refine emails, (3) conduct legal research, (4) draft contracts (5) complete standard forms, (6) mark up legal documents, (7) suggest clauses, (8) manage documents, and (9) extract information and generate reports. For challenges requiring a more human touch, our customer-facing teams stand ready to combine technical expertise with experience from working in top-tier law firms to bring you the best possible solutions.

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