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GPT is changing the world. What does it mean for your law firm?

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    Traditional document automation can be time-consuming and expensive because it involves the involvement of both a lawyer who has a thorough understanding of the legal principles and terminology relevant to the document being drafted and a coder responsible for designing and programming the template.

    Trained by the team behind WSD, the world’s legal document automation system for banks, Scissero GPT can vastly facilitate this task.

    • Auto coder. Upload the document you want to automate and let Scissero GPT turn it into code, automatically creating a web-based form to prompt the end user for the data needed to populate the document and the business logic required to merge it into the template. You can modify the template to implement more complex business logic if needed.
    • Template-free document automation. If you don’t want to create templates, simply have a conversation with Scissero GPT about the type of legal document you want to create.
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    The drafting of legal documents takes time and is often repetitive, as many legal documents follow a similar format and use similar language.

    Trained on a large number of high-quality legal documents, Scissero GPT can dramatically simplify this process.

    • First draft generation. Describe the agreement you want Scissero GPT to draft, and it will come back to you with a properly formatted DOCX document.
    • Clause completion. Start drafting a clause and let Scissero GPT finish it for you. You can do this via the Scissero GPT chatbot interface or ask the system to launch an online word processor (similar to Office 365 or Google Docs) and use the clause completing functionality from within a live document.
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    Properly formatted documents are important because they help to present information in a clear and organized manner and avoid document corruption. Lawyers working under tight deadlines can sometimes find it difficult to create such documents, particularly if they lack a thorough understanding of the formatting tools available in the software being used.

    Scissero GPT can make it easy to generate professional-looking documents.

    • Styling. Simply give Scissero GPT a document you have drafted and let it turn it into a properly formatted document that makes use of Microsoft Word’s style guidelines.
    • Redaction. If you need to redact a document - e.g., for a regulatory submission or to use the document to train an AI model, Scissero GPT can redact the document for you. This can also be done in batches.
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    NDAs are a crucial part of many legal transactions but marking them up can be a time- consuming and tedious task for the associates that work on them.

    Scissero GPT can help significantly reduce the time spent on a first-round NDA markup, thereby allowing your firm to turn more markups in a shorter time.

    • Market-standard NDAs. Ask Scissero GPT to take an NDA that is drafted by the disclosing party and mark it up to be more favorable to the receiving party. The markup you receive back will generate in under a minute with all amendments applied as tracked changes in complete, grammatically correct English sentences - as if done by a human lawyer.
    • Custom playbooks. If you use NDAs frequently, you can specify your own custom playbooks, which Scissero GPT will follow when marking up the NDA.
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    If contracts could speak, they would automatically alert their business managers of key lifecycle events, such as renewal dates and when prices can be raised on counterparties. While companies track some of this information, many data points remain locked in contracts, leading to lost business opportunities and additional costs when questions requiring manual intervention arise.

    Scissero GPT can help you sift through your contracts and extract actionable business insights from them.

    • Data extraction. Ask Scissero GPT to take a contract or set of contracts and extract metadata relating to (1) renewal dates, (2) rate hike triggers, (3) counterparty profiles, (4) commercial, legal and operational risks, and (5) financial and operational covenants.
    • Report generation. Have Scissero GPT generate a report containing the relevant extracted information, either in PowerPoint or Excel format.
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    Giving legal advice is, and always will remain, the core competence of human lawyers. But computers can help with the legal research that is necessary to formulate sound advice.

    Scissero GPT is not intended to replace other types of legal research tools. Rather, it is designed to provide quick, targeted answers to specific legal questions that can serve as starting points for further research. This can be a useful supplement to other types of legal research tools, such as databases of case law or statutes, which may provide more in-depth information but may not always be as user-friendly for quickly finding specific answers to specific questions.

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