Virtual Paralegal

What is MIKE?

MIKE (which stands for "My Interactive Knowledgeable E-Paralegal") is Scissero’s proprietary state-of-the-art virtual paralegal that stands ready to:

  • Language-review memoranda
  • Craft and refine emails
  • Conduct legal research
  • Draft contracts
  • Complete standard forms
  • Mark up legal documents
  • Suggest clauses
  • Manage documents
  • Extract information and generate reports


Personal. Trained on your data, so you get the most out of your interactions.

Interactive. Accessible via chat interface, so you can easily engage with our technologies.

Knowledgeable. Capable of processing and breaking down large volumes of information, so you can unlock the full value of your business data.

To learn more about MIKE, download our brochure to the right or get in touch below to schedule a demo.

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